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Timewalking Dungeons
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Timewalking dungeons are a new type of dungeon in 6.2--but only available on certain days of the week.
Patch 6.2 introduces weekend-only events, and two of them will let you queue up for an old dungeon. Your character power will be drastically scaled down.
Loot in Timewalker dungeons is scaled up to your max level, so you can use the items even after you zone out of the instance.
Blizzard is testing Timewalking on the PTR on select Burning Crusade and Wrath dungeons. Timewalking is available if you are 71+ for Burning Crusade dungeons, and 81+ for Wrath dungeons.
Additional rewards may be coming, including a quest that rewards Seal of Tempered Fate.


I like this - provides some more fun to do!

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