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I'm back! And i brought a "friend"...
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Hi everyone!

Yuzua here! And for those who don't remember. Blue haired night elf druid that joined some-where in TBC around BT/MH clearing! For you who don't know me;

Now 26 year old woman who have come back to join TFR (And have joined) once again to chat, play and enjoy in game time now and then with old Rubies. Ive already talked to some and look forward to talk more with others. If any of you oldies are reading this, don't be afraid to say hi!

My "friend" or well now Boyfriend i dragged with me back to AD is Selenia, Mage. If you don't remember him well id say poke him and talk a bit. He runs around nowadays as Kilava though or any on his many alts.

We also dragged Selenia's sister and her boyfriend with us, Evesane and Tallrasha.

Well met again and whoo! So nice to be back "home".

P.S there have been talk about doing some casual raiding again. But i'll take that up in another thread. So if your raid fingers are tingling for a 1 to 2 days a week raiding on a casual level. Please, do stop by!

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Re: I'm back! And i brought a "friend"...
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About time!

Welcome back Yuz - chatty and friendly bär, and you where the one getting me into TFR in the first place. Was kinda fun to invite you back myself :-P Or at least all your alter egos.

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Re: I'm back! And i brought a "friend"...
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Liek hi!

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