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Public Charter
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The Flaming Ruby
Public Charter

The Public Charter is a resource for all individuals that are potentially interested in joining The Flaming Ruby.
Here you will find information on Social and Raider positions within the guild, recruitment policy and an outline of raider related rules.
Please navigate to the section relevant to you for information.

1.0 The Flaming Ruby
- 1.1 History
- 1.2 Structure
2.0 Social
- 2.1 Social Recruitment Policy
- 2.2 How to Apply for a Social Position
3.0 Raiding
- 3.1 Organisation
- 3.2 Raiding with The Flaming Ruby
- - 3.2.1 Raid Times
- - 3.2.2 Raid Attendance
- - 3.2.3 Raid Rules
- - 3.2.4 In the Raid
- 3.3 How to Apply as a Raider
4.0 Contact Information

1.0 The Flaming Ruby

1.1 History

The Flaming Ruby was founded on February 12 2005 and is proud to be one of the oldest raiding guilds on Argent Dawn.
For a large part of WoW's history we have held a place as one of the foremost progression guilds on the server and host a substantial number of social members in addition to the raid forces.

The division of Social Member and Raider is solely based on the arrangement that the Raid Forces pursue 'progression' raiding, whereas the Social section mostly comprises of friends, family and ex-raiders, some of whom raid in other Communities.
With the exception of the Raid Force members being granted access to progression raids, Social members retain the same basic rights as the Raiders within the guild and frequently intermingle to undertake group runs and fun raids outside of the TFR raiding calendar. However, the Social members are not granted access to the earnings and materials of the Raid Force.

We host in approximately 600 characters divided amongst more than 170 accounts. Of these, between 25-35 are active in the Raid Force at any one time. All raiders are actively cycled through the raiding content to maximise experience and equality. Invitation to the raid force is made dependant on class balance or past experience raiding with TFR.

1.2 Structure

The Flaming Ruby is governed by a Council of officers, who are responsible for all social recruitment and administration of the guild as a whole. All general guild decisions are made by the Council as a group concensus, with no individual having complete power.
Members of the Council comprise the the guild master and eight officers, all of whom have served the guild together for in excess of 9 years.
Administration of the Raid Force is handled by a group of three of these councillors.

2.0 Social

2.1 Social Recruitment Policy

Social applications are processed based upon which of the following four categories they fall in to:

- Spouse/Parter or Immediate Family Member (Parent/Child/Sibling) of a current member of The Flaming Ruby
- Real-Life Friend of one or more current members of The Flaming Ruby
- In-Game Friend of one or more current members of The Flaming Ruby
- 'Unaquianted' Social Applications from individuals who have no prior contact with The Flaming Ruby

The success of an application depends on the degree of support obtained from Ruby members/officers and the association that the applicant has with a/several guild member(s).
Please note that currently all four categories of applicant will be considered, but recruitment is likely to close in the near future to those who have no prior contact with the guild.

2.2 How to Apply for a Social Position

If you wish to make an application to join The Flaming Ruby as a social member, please register and then post following the Application Template. Note that social applicants need only reply to questions 1-11.
Your application will be reviewed by officers and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

In the case of applicants to the first category, Family Members and Partners, invites will be handed out as soon as the written application has been posted. Other applicants will have to wait a little longer whilst the officer body reviews their request to join.

3.0 Raiding

3.1 Organisation

The Flaming Ruby currently operates a flexible 20 to 30 player force, working towards Heroic raiding.

3.2 Raiding with The Flaming Ruby

3.2.1 Raid Times

The Flaming Ruby raids two days per week. The current raid times are:
Wednesday - 19:45 to 23:00
Sunday - 19:45 to 23:00

3.2.2 Raid Attendance

The minimum expected attendance is an average of 66%.
We do take into consideration any exceptional circumstances for why you might miss a raid, i.e. illness, an exam. Extended periods of absence for vacation or employment related matters are absolutely fine, provided the individual notifies an officer well in advance. This will not impact attendance percentages.

3.2.3 Raid Rules

When raiding with The Flaming Ruby you shall not raid with other communities or pugs on your main character, at least if it would hinder our raid lockouts or your availability.
You should be at the instance entrance when the raid starts.
Try to keep other AFK’s to a minimum.
Please check your add-ons regularly to make sure they are up to date.
Make sure to contact an Officer / Raid Leader as soon as possible if you cannot attend the night’s raid for personal reasons.

3.2.4 In the Raid

The Flaming Ruby will provide flasks, feasts and enchants for our raiders, but please keep extra consumables on you as backup. You are required to bring your own potions.
Donations of herbs, feasts and enchanting materials can be put in the guild bank.
Availability to listen to voice communication during a raid is crucial, with raids being held on our guild Discord.
TFR uses either a Personal Loot system, or a roll priority system.
We expect that you have read up and watched a video about the encounter before we reach the boss.
Keep a positive and respectful attitude throughout the raid, if you have any issues please contact an officer.

3.3 How to Apply as a Raider

If you wish to apply to join the TFR Raid Force, please register on the forums and make your application using the Application Template, filling it out in its entirety and stating in your topic title that you are applying to the 2-day force.
Officers will then review the application and contact you, either by forum or in-game, as soon as possible. If officers decide they need further information with regards to your application, they may request this on the forum or may approach you in-game directly.
Note that a certain level of maturity is required for you to be entered into The Raid Force.

Please be patient, we review and respond to every application, so no need to worry that you have been overlooked or forgotten. If you do have any further queries however, you are welcome to contact an officer (See below for details on who to contact).
If your application is successful, you will be asked to attend a trial with the relevant Raid Force, which normally consists of 2-3 raids. During the trial period, your performance will be evaluated by the Raid Leader and should you be successful, you will promptly be invited to the guild and given full Raider status.

4.0 Contact Information

If you wish to apply to join The Flaming Ruby, you are welcome to register on the forums and apply straight away, without the need to notify an officer. However, if you feel you would like more information on any matter relating to the guild, you are welcome to contact the following officer individuals:

Yuzua, Caelestes, Eadore, Calliana

Aka Caelestes
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